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Sesame Preschool Pack

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Sesame Preschool Pack™

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Product Overview

Sesame Preschool Pack™

Sesame Preschool Pack™ is a suite of Sesame Street digital resources that offers a new approach to engaging children, supporting teachers, and involving families. Working seamlessly on tablets, mobile platforms, and computers, the Sesame Preschool Pack™ brings Sesame Street’s research-based educational media into the classroom through the power of GOLDplus™. By directly linking digital content to curricular objectives for development and learning, Sesame Preschool Pack™ strengthens teachers’ interactions with children, connects school learning to home, and enhances children’s learning and development.

What is the Sesame Preschool Pack™?

Sesame Family™

Sesame Family™ engages families and connects school and home through a “virtual backpack” of carefully chosen digital supports and learning resources—accessible anytime, anywhere.

Sesame Classroom™

Sesame Classroom™ gives teachers the opportunity to use media in the classroom in a developmentally appropriate way. It offers research-based, carefully chosen clips that use laughter, friendship, and storytelling to capture children’s attention and are integrated into GOLDplus teaching sequences to reinforce essential objectives for development and learning.

Sesame Teacher™

Sesame Teacher™ offers quick yet meaningful professional development opportunities through built-in, easily-accessible professional development resources, designed to provide relevant support to guide and elevate teacher practice.

To learn more about Sesame Preschool Pack, call 1.84.GOLDPLUS and register for a demo.