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Product Overview

Every child is different. It’s no surprise they learn differently, too.

At Teaching Strategies, we celebrate those differences—and are committed to developing tools that help you meet the individual needs of each child. That’s why GOLDplus™ was created. GOLDplus™ harnesses the power of The Creative Curriculum for Preschool® to create a single, revolutionary solution for individualizing instruction. It’s assessment plus instruction. Observation and documentation plus curricular experiences. Child-specific information plus automatically-tailored learning opportunities. The insight from GOLDplus the magic of The Creative Curriculum.

Support for All Ages

GOLDplus™ offers Infants, Toddlers & Twos classrooms

  • digital individual care plans that allow instant access to all of the information you need to responsively care for each child
  • a range of developmentally appropriate activities and strategies to input into daily plans, for easy reference as you individualize routines like diapering and mealtime

GOLDplus™ offers Preschool classrooms

  • in-the-moment support for individualizing instruction during daily small group experiences
  • additional layers of planning support for Creative Curriculum users, with embedded curriculum notifications that help you plan ahead and offer helpful guidance on how to implement the curriculum
  • an optional Sesame Preschool Pack, a suite of Sesame Street digital resources for school and home that works seamlessly on tablets, smartphones and computers

GOLDplus™ offers Kindergarten classrooms

  • direct instructional experiences that make it easy to differentiate instruction to meet every child’s needs
  • embedded language directly from the Common Core and academic state standards to help you understand the kind of real, applicable experiences that will drive positive outcomes

More Information

Look inside GOLDplus™ in our Touring Guide.

Optional Add-On: Sesame Preschool Pack™

Made up of Sesame Family™, Sesame Classroom™, and Sesame Teacher™, the Sesame Preschool Pack offers a new approach to engaging children, supporting teachers, and involving families. By working seamlessly on tablets, mobile platforms, and computers, it brings Sesame Street’s research-based educational media into the classroom through the power of GOLDplus™. With digital content that’s directly linked to curricular objectives for development and learning, Sesame Preschool Pack strengthens teachers’ interactions with children, connects school learning to home, and enhances children’s learning and development.

*Programs must subscribe to GOLD™ in order to purchase GOLDplus™.